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Report | EAIO Economic Newsletter - The health infrastructure sector in AEOI

The February's monthly letter by the French Treasury in EAIO focuses on the health infrastructure sector in EAIO

The monthly East Africa and Indian Ocean (EAIO) study has just been published by the SER of Nairobi, with the contribution of the SE of Dar es Salaam. This month's letter focuses on the health infrastructure sector in EAIO. Here's a brief description:

While the right to health is recognized in the constitutions of the majority of countries in the region and/or is a priority in national development strategies, access to healthcare via quality infrastructures is hampered by a lack of public investment, fragmented governance systems, geographical disparities, lack of reliable supplies and technical capacity, and conflicts in the region. With the exception of Mauritius and the Seychelles, the healthcare infrastructure sector remains highly dependent on international donors. French companies have a limited presence in the sector, concentrating on pharmaceuticals and, to a lesser extent, the supply of medical equipment. Long-term opportunities exist to support the digitization of healthcare and the provision of modern medical equipment and healthcare infrastructure, in a context where the majority of countries in the AEOI region aim to achieve universal health coverage (UHC) by 2030. In addition, some governments are relying on public-private partnerships to develop their healthcare infrastructures, but their implementation remains highly uncertain given the financial fragility of the sector.


Overview (4 pages):

  • French version HERE
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The full study:

  • French version only HERE
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