The FTCC supports the development of your business by hosting your V.I.E.

A V.I.E (Volontariat International en Entreprise) is a French program that sends young professionals abroad to work for French companies. It offers a chance to gain international experience while representing French interests. Participants are typically employed for 6 to 24 months in various sectors worldwide, gaining valuable skills and cultural exposure.

Hiring a V.I.E gives companies access to international talent with language skills and cultural knowledge, generally at a reduced cost. V.I.E.s provide a flexible workforce for short-term initiatives, encourage diversity, and provide significant insights into international markets to help with succession planning and talent development.

A V.I.E will enables the company to:

  • Gather information on its international target markets

  • Track its existing international customers

  • Identify future prospects

  • Develop a distribution network or business partners abroad

  • Contribute to the operational activities of a local presence in a new market

  • Manage specific projects or contracts


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Testimonial of Héléna from Artelia

My name is Héléna, VIE Business Developer for ARTELIA. I arrived in Tanzania in June 2023 and have a one-year portage contract with FTCC in Tanzania.

Life in Dar Es Salam is particularly pleasant! I discovered East Africa when I arrived in Tanzania, after a first year in West Africa. Dar's community, its well-developed infrastructure and proximity to unspoilt natural areas make it easy to adapt to the Tanzanian rhythm.

As far as work is concerned, I really appreciate the conditions we have at the ZO SPACES coworking space, which is both recent and functional: comfortable in terms of access, space, supplies and internet connection.

The location in Masaki, by the sea, is a great advantage.

The execution of my contract went very smoothly, as the FTCC portage made the administrative procedures much easier, especially with immigration and the NSSF. This portage also enabled me to benefit from the advice of people with experience of local life, and from membership of the Chamber of Commerce, which enabled me to build up my professional network quickly and efficiently. The exchange of information in all areas, whether practical, legal or administrative, enabled me to make efficient progress in my mission.

The moments shared during lunch and afterwork breaks also contributed to making my experience much more enjoyable: as my colleagues were all based in France, it was very important for me to be able to work in contact with other people, even if our missions were all different.

My contract is coming to an end soon, and I know I'll have nothing but fond memories of my year in Tanzania, and of my professional experience at ARTELIA and FTCC.

Testimonial of Myriam from Maestria

I'm Myriam, 27 years old, and I joined the Maestria team last year as a V.I.E after completing my MBA in Montréal. My role here in Tanzania is to launch Maestria's second recruitment agency. After spending a couple of months at the HQ in Mayotte to meet the team, I finally landed in Dar last August. Every day in Dar is a journey of personal growth.


I must admit, adapting to the vibrant Tanzanian culture and navigating the intricate local regulations has been quite the roller-coaster, and has fundamentally reshaped my approach to business today. I have realized the importance of flexibility, resilience, and the power of strong networks.

The FTCC has played a pivotal role in this regard, not only through their diverse networking events but also by offering an amazing work environment where I feel supported on a daily basis. I'm truly thankful for this journey and the chance to dive into such a rewarding adventure. I can't wait to explore more of what Tanzania has to offer (and discover new kite spots 😉).


You have decided to reinforce your team by recruiting a qualified human resource through the International Corporate Internship (V.I.E.) program ? The FTCC supports you by hosting your V.I.E.

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