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Report | EAIO Economic Newsletter - The electricity sector in the EAIO

The October's monthly letter by the French Treasury in EAIO focuses on the electricity sector in the EAIO.

The monthly East Africa and Indian Ocean (EAIO) study has just been published by the SER of Nairobi, with the contribution of the SE of Dar es Salaam. This month's letter focuses on the electricity sector in EAIO. Here's a brief description:

"Despite the progress made in regards to electricity access, nearly 95 million people in East Africa are still left out. Electricity capacity (19.3 GW, i.e., 13.3% of French capacity) is steadily increasing, but a number of constraints are weakening power systems (limited capacity and dilapidated networks, illegal connections) and operators' financial capability. Interconnection projects are being developed, enabling exporting countries (Ethiopia, Uganda in particular) to sell their hydroelectric surpluses at affordable prices to their neighbors. The intervention of donors remains essential both for the financing of such networks’ infrastructure, and also in power generation. The AFD is active in most countries in the zone, and across the entire value chain, including technical assistance. Despite the difficulties, the sector, which has already attracted a number of French companies, offers a wealth of opportunities, be it for independent power producers, equipment suppliers, engineering firms or providers of off-grid renewable energy solutions."


Overview (4 pages):

  • French version HERE
  • English version HERE


The full study:

  • French version only HERE


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