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Report | EAIO Economic Newsletter - The education sector in AEOI

The January's monthly letter by the French Treasury in EAIO focuses on the education sector in EAIO

The monthly East Africa and Indian Ocean (EAIO) study has just been published by the SER of Nairobi, with the contribution of the SE of Dar es Salaam. This month's letter focuses on the education sector in EAIO. Here's a brief description:

Free primary schooling has improved enrolment rates in East African and Indian Ocean countries. However, the transition from primary to secondary school remains low, due to a lack of infrastructure, social barriers and the opportunity cost of schooling, with strong gender and geographical disparities. Quality education is crucial if countries are to increase their growth potential and benefit from the opportunities offered by certain key sectors (services, tourism, etc.) requiring a skilled workforce. What's more, in the face of high demographic growth rates, efforts to finance the education sector are insufficient, and for the time being require donor support.


Overview (4 pages):

  • French version HERE
  • English version HERE

The full study:

  • French version only HERE
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