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Report | EAIO Economic Newsletter - Mineral fertilizers in EAIO

The May's monthly letter by the French Treasury in EAIO focuses on the mineral fertilizers in EAIO.

The monthly East Africa and Indian Ocean (EAIO) study has just been published by the SER of Nairobi, with the contribution of the SE of Dar es Salaam. This month's letter focuses on the mineral fertilizers in EAIO. Here's a brief description:

The economies of the EAIO region are, with the notable exceptions of Djibouti, Mauritius and the Seychelles, very dependent on agriculture to provide jobs, obtain foreign exchange and to ensure food and nutritional security. Therefore the availability of quantity and quality of mineral fertilizers, at the right times and in the right places, financially accessible, is thus a stated priority of all agricultural policies, but with generally poor results. Fertilization levels vary widely in the region, ranging from the lowest in the world to the highest in specific contexts (Mauritius and the Seychelles). Similarly, within a given country, fertilization levels vary widely depending on the type of agriculture. While the EAIO region imports almost all the mineral fertilizers it consumes, thus depending on global supply chains and an international market highly concentrated in a few countries (Russia, China, the Gulf states), there are prospects for local production of simple fertilizers (nitrogen and phosphate. 


Overview (3 pages):

The full study:

  • French version only HERE
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