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Find out what the Tanzanian Investment Center is and reports on investment opportunities.

The Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) is the Primary Agency of the Government for Coordinating, Encouraging, Promoting and Facilitating Investment in Tanzania.

TIC has established One Stop Facilitation Centre for facilitating the speedy acquisition of all relevant investment services for prospective investors who want to start or operate business in Tanzania.


The following services provided under the one stop centre are as follow:

i. Immigration Services

ii. Labour Services

iii. Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA)

iv. Ministry of Lands and Human Settlements services

v. Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS)

vi. Business Registration and Licensing Authority (BRELA)

vii. National Environment Management Council (NEMC)

viii. Occupational, Safety and Health Authority (OSHA)

ix. Tanzania Medicines and Medical Devices Authority (TMDA)

x. National Identification Authority (NIDA)

xi. The Tanzania Electric Company Limited (TANESCO)

TIC missions are to coordinate, promote and facilitate investments in Tanzania and advise the Government on policy matters in order to create a competitive, attractive and sustainable investment climate. This organisation is depend of the Ministry of Investment, Industry and Trade.


Please find below the words of the President, Mr. John Mathew Mnali :


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