Recent news concerning data protection in Africa

Africa Data Protection, a non-profit organization, just issued its third newsletter, which provides a thorough summary of the current evolution of data protection in Africa.

Among other things, Tanzania's private data protection law came into effect in May. As a result, those in charge of data processing, as well as subcontractors, will be required to register and get a five-year certification.

Besides, in March 2023 the Democratic Republic of the Congo approved a Digital Code, which established a framework for the digital economy in the country.

The newsletter also refers to noteworthy data protection related events. In Kenya, the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner fined 3 companies in recent months for failing to comply with the 2019 Data Protection Act and using customers’ images without their permission.

In Ivory Coast, following an extensive campaign of control for data protection in 2022, 2 companies have been put on notice for multiple non-compliances with the regulation (an exhaustive list is included in the newsletter).


For further details please download the newsletter here (french version only).

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