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PPP Dialogue with the Ministry of Finance and Planning

Unlocking Tanzania's Potential: Public-Private Partnerships as Catalysts for sustainable Growth

In the quest for sustainable development and economic growth, Tanzania is aware that Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) play a crucial role. These collaborations between the government and private sector entities are not just a tool for development but a key opportunity to shape Tanzania's future.

Tanzania is diligently building an effective PPP framework, viewing these partnerships as the means to harness private capital for sustainable progress. For businesses, engaging in PPPs offers a strategic occasion to become long-term partners with the state. These collaborative ventures, pooling resources and expertise, are set to efficiently execute public interest projects at a competitive cost. In line with this vision, the government aims to mobilize TZS 21 Trillion ($8.4 billion) of private capital for PPPs in its current Five Year Development Plan.

Last Friday, the FTCC hosted a dialogue on Public-Private Partnerships. We were honored to be received at the Ministry of Finance and Planning by Commissioner for PPP, David Kafulila, who is leading the development of the PPP legal framework in Tanzania. Janita Ferentinos, a PPP consultant tasked with training civil servants for the forthcoming launch of the PPP one-stop center, provided a comprehensive overview of the PPP implementation process during the event.

From project screening to contract operation, maintenance, and management, she elucidated the intricacies of the process. Furthermore, Janita highlighted the key content introduced in the 2023 PPP Amendments, including the definition of a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), the precedence of the PPP Act over other laws, and the ability to refer unresolved conflicts to international arbitration.

David Kafulila then presented the main opportunities in Tanzania's current PPP pipeline. He emphasized that the private sector does not need to wait for government tenders to propose their expertise, as unsolicited proposals often lead to remarkable projects.

This presentation was followed by fruitful discussions in which our members sought clarification on the PPP Act and provided valuable feedback based on their field experience. As Janita said during the meeting, "a Public Private Partnership is like a marriage". We hope to see many suitors among our members soon!



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